Application of lifecycle analyses of transportation fuel development using GREET, Biograce and GHGenius models to determine criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas impacts.  Technical evaluations to support renewable, low-carbon fuel applications for California, U.S. EPA and European Union.  Statistical analysis of fuel parameters and fuel additives to evaluate environmental impact.

Application of steady-state Gaussian dispersion models for micro-scale air quality modeling.  Experience includes roadway and facility evaluations using CALINE, CAL3QHC, CAL3QHCR, ISC and AERMOD.

Compliance Planning

Emission Inventory Development

Regulatory Impact Analyses

Completion of stakeholder review of proposed and final environmental rulemakings for on-road and off-highway vehicle, engine and equipment manufacturers as well as transportation fuel producers.  Evaluation of regulatory alternatives for stakeholder consideration.  Preparation of formal commentary as part of rulemaking process.  

Lifecycle Analyses, Conventional and Renewable Fuels

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Software Design

Litigation Support

Emission inventory development at all levels of temporal and spatial scales including in support of photochemical air quality model simulations.  Examples include national planning emission inventory development for Canada; facility-level inventories for roadways, airports, shipping ports, rail yards and oil sands mining/extraction operations; and US regulatory plan development including State Implementation Plans.  Pollutant/species include criteria pollutants, greenhouse gases and toxic compounds.

Design of emission inventory estimation and processing software; review of data sources used to populate regulatory environmental models.  Platforms/languages include FORTRAN, Visual Basic, database (SQL/Access) and spreadsheet. Examples of software developed and reviewed include MOVES, NONROAD, MOBILE, OFFROAD and EPS.  Spreadsheet example includes a "best-practices" emission inventory analysis tool for lead (Pb) emissions from piston-engine aircraft.

Development of environmental compliance and product planning for on-road and off-highway vehicle/engine manufacturers (new sales) and fleet owners (in-use).

Completion of best-practices, state-of-the-science emission inventory analyses to support Expert Testimony and litigation efforts.  

Air Quality Modeling

Guidance Methods/Expert Peer Review

Development of guidance emission inventory methods for photochemical modeling applications, for off-highway mobile sources and for general aviation aircraft.  Completion of expert peer reviews of various transportation sector sources and transportation fuel production for the U.S. EPA, Environment Canada and Coordinating Research Council.

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